The Tom Brady to the Tennessee Titans talk isn’t dying until either Ryan Tannehill re-signs or Brady heads elsewhere.

Titans fans might as well embrace the craziness of the NFL off-season. Speculation runs wild this time of year. It’s part of what makes the NFL a year round sport.

The debate over whether or not Brady or Tannehill would be a better option for the Titans in 2020 has supporters on both sides. I’m actually not all that interested in that debate — mostly because there’s simply no way to know which quarterback would perform better next season in Nashville.

What interests me is the idea of Brady leaving New England, the only team he’s played for since entering the league in 2000.

Brady finishing his career with the Patriots would be a storybook ending. Even if he doesn’t win another Super Bowl in New England, it would still be the perfect end to one of the greatest careers we’ve ever seen in professional sports.

So why in the world is Brady entertaining the idea of switching teams for the first time in his career at the age of 42 (he’ll turn 43 before the start of the 2020 season)?

This could certainly be all about leverage with the Patriots. Maybe Brady is using the rampant speculation to scare Robert Kraft into offering him a lucrative deal to finish his career in New England.

While that’s definitely a possibility, I think Brady’s desire to leave New England is legitimate.

And it’s because of Brady’s competitiveness.

Tennessee Titans

If Brady stays in New England, his legacy will always be tied to Bill Belichick. The question of whether or not Brady would’ve been as successful without Belichick will persist forever.

And I think Brady hates that.

Brady has always played with a chip on his shoulder — despite winning six Super Bowls.

Going to Tennessee, or any other franchise, would give Brady the chance to prove that he can thrive without Belichick.

The Titans, a team that was one game away from reaching the Super Bowl last season, would be an ideal landing spot for Brady. He has familiarity with Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel. Plus the Titans have more offensive weapons than New England (AJ Brown is a future stud, plus a healthy Corey Davis and Derrick Henry if he’s re-signed).

Brady doesn’t want to leave New England to play for a non-contender. He wants to prove to everyone that he’s the best to ever play the game. And it’s possible the only way he thinks he can do that is by leaving the Patriots and winning a Super Bowl with another team.

The Titans are perfect for Brady.

But is Brady perfect for the Titans?

That’s the decision Robinson and Tennessee will have to make in the coming weeks.

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