It is no secret that the Atlanta Falcons have been shopping their superstar wide receiver Julio Jones. Peter King was the first to speculate the Falcons’ pass catchers this offseason, this news naturally sent Titans fans into an absolute frenzy after King listed the Titans as potential suitors for the 32-year-old.

While on the surface it makes sense – the Titans had, and still have, a major need at the wide receiver position. However, Titans fans do not need to get their hopes up. At least that’s what ESPN’s Dianna Russini had to say on Buck Reising’s midday show on 104.5 The Zone.

“Do I think the Titans are in the Julio Jones business? No,” Russini stated bluntly.

The conversation was sparked yet again on Thursday after the Falcons released their team schedule without the franchise’s most popular player on the cover.

However, it should also be noted that Jones didn’t crack the team schedule in 2020 either.

Jones also comes with a hefty $23,050,000 cap hit in 2021, which is a pricey gamble to take on an aging receiver who missed seven games last season due to nagging hamstring injuries.

“No one has told me the Titans are interested in Julio Jones,” Russini said. “I have not heard any of that, but I know the gossip mill will run with it.”

It should go without saying that Russini is as plugged into the Titans front office as any member of the national media. So, if she hasn’t heard anything on a potential trade between the Falcons and Titans, it is hard to believe that there are any legs to the trade rumors.

While Jones is certainly on many Titans fans’ wish lists, that dream appears to be more of a fantasy.

Not that she needed to, but Russini finished the discussion by going as far to say, “Julio Jones will not sign with the Tennessee Titans.” Boom.

There you have it folks. If Russini is to be trusted, the Julio Jones train just left the station.


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