The Tennessee Titans finally won the Jadeveon Clowney sweepstakes, something that had to be done. ESPN’s Dianna Russini broke the news on Saturday night, saying Clowney expects to sign with the Titans.

It’s been a long time coming. Titans fans were all in on Clowney as early as January. Pass rush has been a need for quite some time, and the Titans were missing that explosive player that can affect the game.

Clowney rumors started to heat up near the free agency period back in March, but weeks passed without a single mention of Clowney looking to sign anywhere. Eventually, months passed, and Titans fans were getting impatient and saying they were done with the nonsense.

Finally, here they are, the winners of Jadeveon Clowney, the former number one overall pick in 2014. After all the chaos, drama, conflicting reports, and anxiety during the Saints’ strong push, Clowney is ready to sign the dotted line and wear the two-toned blue.


It’s apparent that Clowney wanted to be a Titan all along. If you connect the dots, it becomes apparent. First, he mentioned familiarity is a big reason why he chose the Titans.


There is no way he didn’t know the Titans would be a familiar place for him 5 months ago. Familiarity being a big factor explains why the Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans were considered the leading candidates all offseason.

Could it be that Clowney told the Titans that he will likely sign with them, but didn’t want to participate in camp? We all know the Titans like to keep things secretive, so if that’s the case, we would not have known.

The constant sentence we heard from Jon Robinson all season long is “we’re monitoring the situation,” but the Titans were being extremely patient, a little too patient. Clowney waited until after training camp last season as well to get things done. He was eventually traded to Seattle after skipping training camp in Houston in 2019.

If Clowney would have signed before training camp, and not show up, he’d lose money. So it only makes sense to just wait until it’s over, so that could mean he had a verbal agreement all along with Tennessee, but the money probably wasn’t where he wanted it to be at the beginning.


The concern now that Clowney is signed is: will he be worth the chaos he put Titans fans through? My quick answer is, yes. Let me explain why.

This season for Clowney is essentially a “prove it deal,” and you might think he may put in half-effort to avoid getting hurt. But, that would be counterproductive to his goal. His goal is to earn a larger contract for 2021 and beyond, whether that is with Tennessee or someone else.

If he’s fully healthy, you can expect Clowney to make his presence felt immediately on the Tennessee Titans’ defense. Clowney can affect the game in many ways, so don’t just expect an abundant of sacks.

Clowney can be used to help get guys like Jayon Brown and Harold Landry to the quarterback. Don’t forget about his ability to disrupt the run game, as he is regarded as a top-notch run defender in the NFL. That will help the Titans versus guys like Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay week one.


Clowney’s presence should elevate the Titans defense as a whole. The Titans’ secondary is pretty good, and with a good pass rush in the mix, it could elevate the secondary to the next level.

These past few seasons, the Titans defense has been decent, but didn’t do much of the things that elevates a decent defense to elite, like creating turnovers. If the Tennessee Titans can consistently make the quarterback uncomfortable in games this season, that will lead to turnovers.

So, don’t worry about if Clowney will pan out. He will. The signing will elevate this Tennessee Titans defense in various ways. This will turn out to be a pivotal signing for the Titans season, and will help them go from, ahem, “good to great.”

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