It would be hard to imagine that anyone who even remotely follows the NFL hasn’t heard of the rushing feats of Derrick Henry. Henry has been one of the main talking points this week in nearly every NFL sphere imaginable. For good reason too. Henry had one of his video game performances in last week’s 42-36 overtime win over the Houston Texans. Henry scampered for 212 yards and two touchdowns on just 22 carries.

Henry’s most notable run came from the Titans’ own six-yard line in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s win. Henry burst through the line of scrimmage with a head of steam that only members of the  Jacksonville Jaguars are familiar with. Henry took the carry 94 yards to the house.

CBS Sports’ NFL analyst Charles Davis joined A to Z Sports Nashville’s Titan Up Podcast ahead of the Titans’ matchup with the Steelers on Sunday, when Davis will be on the call.

Davis is just one of many analysts who are amazed at what Henry has been able to do in his young career. “He is stringing together seasons, games, moments that we are all going to eventually say, ‘Do you remember seeing Derrick Henry play?’” Davis compared Henry to sports legends, saying, “That goes in the same pantheon as if you were a baseball fan and you were of a certain vintage; ‘Did you see Sandy Kofax pitch? Did you see Willie Mays play?’”

Every Sunday that Henry takes the field, he seems to make a play that leaves viewers’ jaws on the floor. Whether it is throwing Josh Norman into orbit, or bursting into the open field with breakaway speed that no other 6 foot 3 inch, 247-pound human on Earth possesses, Henry consistently amazes with the rock in his hands.

When describing who Henry’s play style most resembles, Davis stated that you don’t have to look far. Houston Oilers running back Earl Campbell, possessed similar awe-inspiring traits that NFL fandom is witnessing in Henry, Davis said. “How about a franchise that, in their line, goes from Earl Campbell to Eddie George to Derrick Henry? That’s a pretty good line of runners right there,” said Davis.

No NFL running back has been awarded the Most Valuable Player award since Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings took home the honors in 2012. But Derrick Henry is forcing himself into the MVP conversation.

“He absolutely has a shot,” said Davis on Henry’s odds to win the MVP. “Derrick Henry has taken us back. You can run your game through Tannehill, but you want to run it through Henry.”

As the NFL enters Week 7, it is clear as to which running back is the most dominant in the game. With Christian McCaffery and Nick Chubb out with injuries, Davis believes it is safe to call Henry the best back in the league.

“I think’s it’s a safe one,” claims Davis of the No. 1 tag. “This isn’t faith – faith is belief without evidence. You can see it in front of you. Numbers tell you; play on the tape tells you; ask defenders they’ll tell you.”

Henry and the Titans’ offense will face their biggest test of the season on Sunday. The Pittsburgh Steelers strut into town boasting the second-best rush defense in the league holding their opponents to an average of 66 yards on the ground.

You can listen to the full interview with Charles Davis on the Titan Up Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Soundcloud.

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