Tennessee Vols wide receivers coach David Johnson made a simple request of his team in a video that was recently shared by the official UT football Twitter account.

Johnson told the Vols he only wants them to commit twice.

That’s right, just two times.

When they feel like it, and when they don’t feel like it. Johnson said if they do that, then they’ll “be alright”.

I’d say so.

It’s easy to commit and give your all on the good days. But when you can do it on the days you’d rather be anywhere else in the world, that’s what takes you from average to great.

Vols outside linebacker Johnathan Kongbo said at the end of the video “Every individual has to commit for the success of the team, and that just got the whole team fired up and we’re ready to work this summer”.

Man, you have to love hearing that if you’re a Tennessee football fan.

There’s no cheesy motivational tactics about how you need to give three great efforts on every play (that still makes no sense to me, just give a great effort during the entire play!).

The Vols’ current coaching staff is just rolling with an old school “commit 100 percent” approach. And honestly, that’s all that’s really needed.

It feels like it’s going to be a lot of fun watching this coaching staff develop players.

Featured image via Saturday Down South

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