College football recruiting has changed a lot since Peyton Manning committed to the Tennessee Vols over 25 years ago.

Social media interactions, text messages and the ability to be reached via phone at all times have turned recruiting into a 24/7 process.

But there are some aspects of recruiting that haven’t changed — specifically how tough the decision is for most recruits.

The recruiting process is so intense and personal that a lot of recruits become very close with coaches from various teams. Ultimately, however, recruits can only commit to one school. In a lot of cases, recruits would be happy playing at multiple schools.

That was the case with Manning, who recently recounted his recruiting experience and expressed how he could’ve easily ended up at Michigan (or Ole Miss).

Check out Manning’s comments below.

It’s pretty interesting to hear Manning talk about the recruiting process. It puts the decision that these 17-18 year olds are making in perspective. Real relationships are built between players and coaches. And sometimes those relationships, even if a player doesn’t go to that school, last forever.

In Manning’s case, the relationship he built with Phillip Fulmer and former offensive coordinator Dave Cutcliffe was just a bit more special than the relationships he built at Michigan and Ole Miss.

Tennessee fans are obviously happy Manning’s recruitment turned out the way it did, though it has to be a scary thought knowing he could’ve easily been a Wolverine.

Featured image via Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
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