Nick Saban mountain

A popular question to Alabama football coach Nick Saban at SEC Media Days was something along the lines of “how have you been able to stay so successful over a long period of time?”

How did Saban get Alabama to the top of the college football mountain? A reporter asked him that.

Nick Saban on his program climbing to the top

Often, Saban is criticized for being a robot-like figure, for not living in the moment and always looking toward the next objective. He’s been that way even as the confetti continued to fall on his head after winning one of his five National Championships.

Saban is correct. “You better keep climbing. You can never be complacent, never be satisfied just because you make it to one goal, or one season. It only means the challenges are going to be greater in the future.”

Alabama Football will have the target on its back for as long as Saban is the head coach, simply because he won’t stop climbing.