Former Georgia Bulldogs head coach Marck Richt is way more sensitive than anyone realized.

And that’s not a random shot at Richt. It’s based on something the former UGA head coach said on Monday at the Knoxville quarterback club.

According to former Tennessee Vols wide receiver Jayson Swain, Richt told the Knoxville quarterback club that his feelings were hurt in 2001 when running back Jabari Davis committed to Tennessee by proclaiming “Tennessee competes for national championships and Georgia competes for conference titles”.

This reeks of insecurity from Richt. The only reason that comment would hurt his feelings if he thought it was true.

And it was true…at least partially. Georgia never won a national championship under Richt.

But the Vols haven’t won a title since 1998, either.

Richt should’ve used Davis’ comment as motivation to get better. Instead, Georgia continued down a path of mediocrity under Richt until he was eventually fired in late 2015.

Two years later, the Bulldogs lost in the national championship game to Alabama.

Featured image via Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
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