There’s not a lot of information floating around right now about the Tennessee Vols’ coaching search.

And that’s by design.

New UT athletic director Danny White wants to keep things quiet. But part of the fun of a coaching search is digging for information.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot to report at the moment. It sounds like Penn State head coach James Franklin is a real factor in the search. It also sounds like Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell is a factor.

How much of a factor? That’s an unknown right now. There are plenty of other names floating around as well, but we aren’t sure how legitimate any of those names are.

In other words, this search is going exactly as White was hoping it would go. So far, at least.

One way to try to figure out what White is doing is to track the Tennessee plane. The tail number was blocked, but that hasn’t stopped us from doing our best to track where it’s been and where it’s going.

The plane didn’t go anywhere on Saturday. On Sunday, it went to Orlando, presumably to return White’s family.

On Monday morning, the plane left early and landed in Charlotte.

The plane was in North Carolina for a few hours before it was on the move again.

However, it didn’t return to Knoxville. It landed at a small airport just outside of Atlanta.

While we have no idea who is on the plane or any other information, it seems likely that it’s being used to interview potential candidates at neutral locations. This is fairly common in coaching searches.

We might not be able to glean much from the movements of the plane, but it sure is fun to try to figure out what White is doing and what his next move will be.

Featured image via USA TODAY
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