For years, numerous rumors have floated around about Nashville gaining a Major League Baseball team. Talk of relocation, construction and even a new team name sparked hope in Nashvillians to bring baseball to Music City. However, you can’t believe everything you hear.

But this is turning into a reality, and people are getting very excited.

The MLB has been thinking about expanding the current 30 teams to 32 in the next few years. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred gave a list in 2018 of cities capable of supporting a new team, and Nashville is in the running.

First Pro: Local Fan Support

Originally, the plan was focused on bringing soccer to Nashville instead of baseball. The Nashville SC team played its first inaugural game against Atlanta in February of 2020 and recorded the most fans in attendance in Tennessee soccer history.

According to Ballpark Digest, the Nashville Sounds, Music City’s minor league team, had the third highest total attendance in the nation behind Las Vegas and Columbus in their 2019 season.

MLB Nashville Stars Major League Baseball

Imagine the crowds at the first Nashville MLB game in a brand new stadium.

Second Pro: Nashville’s Market Size

Now, as an avid baseball lover, I believe bringing a team to Music City is a great idea. Here’s why:

The closest teams to Nashville are the Atlanta Braves and the Cincinnati Reds. Neither of those are close by any means, being about four hours away. Having a team in Nashville can relieve the inconvenience of having to drive a far distance to watch America’s favorite pastime.

Nashville has a bigger market size than other cities who have MLB teams. It’s bigger than Kansas City, Cincinnati, San Diego and Milwaukee.

Although its known for great country music, Nashville is also a pretty big sports city.

It’s home to two big sports teams: the Nashville Predators and the Tennessee Titans. They both bring in large crowds on their own. 

Nashville has been growing so rapidly over the past several years that it’s become a major tourist city. Having an MLB team could boost the numbers up even more, allowing hotels, restaurants and other attractions to bring in revenue.

Con: Please Stop Moving Here

Although the above point sounds great, it does beg the question about traffic, which is my only caveat. Whenever there is a Predators or Titans game, downtown traffic is the absolute worst. People not knowing where to park drive around aimlessly, pedestrians jaywalking as if they owned the street, and seemingly every road is closed. MLB games would definitely create some crazy traffic.

Obviously with the current pandemic and events taking place, there is no way to know when this idea will stop being an idea. Even the MLB’s current season is still mostly under wraps with so many questions unanswered.

But, one can dream. And a lot of people, me included, want this dream to come true. Fingers crossed.

Featured image via Nashville Stars Twitter
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