Lane Kiffin

Alabama’s offense was less than stellar in the Peach Bowl against Washington.

Lane Kiffin is the man to blame. Despite Alabama’s 24-7 win to move on to College Football’s National Championship game, fans weren’t very impressed with the offense. Bama’s offense only scored 17 points.

The third year Bama offensive coordinator took all the heat on Twitter. Kiffin’s infatuation with the passing game infuriates fans. Instead of feeding the ball to running back Bo Scarborough the whole game, Alabama punted a season high eight times. Scarborough was the game’s standout player with 19 carries for 180 yards and both Bama TDs. It could’ve been way more.

Following the season, Kiffin will move on to be the head coach at Florida Atlantic. This makes him the easy scapegoat for Bama fans everywhere.

Twitter Hates Lane Kiffin

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