We have the privilege of witnessing great players like Patrick Mahomes and Derrick Henry. They have helped elevate their franchises to contending teams.

But, like all athletes, Mahomes and Henry had to start somewhere. Youth athletics are what molds guys like Cam Newton, Deshaun Watson, and Patrick Mahomes into what we see today.

Erin Reid knows that. That is why he is passionate about serving youth athletes, giving them a platform, and helping them grow.

Reid is the founder and creator of TN Top 100. Reid started the brand two years ago on his own. It began as media coverage for small schools and has grown into a reliable source for youth athletes in Tennessee.

TN Top 100 now helps with recruiting and creates profiles for local Tennessee athletes.

Reid is blazing trails, putting together a camp that has become the largest youth football camp in Tennessee history.

TN Top 100

The TN Top 100 Camp, scheduled for February 6th through the 7th, has 140 athletes and counting signed up. The camp will not only have a wide range of athletes from all over Tennessee, but it will feature some former NFL talent as camp counselors.

To name a few TN Top 100 Camp Counselors: well-known trainer Jeremy Holt, former NFL WR Quinton Patton, former Memphis Tigers standout Greg Ross, current TSU quarterback Heath Williams, and former NFL General Manager Jerry Reese.

Those top-tier personalities will not just be evaluating these kids’ on-field talent, but they will be training them in professionalism in the media.

“You see a lot of kids they get drafted, and they are not prepared,” Reid said, “Nobody’s taught them anything. Nobody has equipped them for the moment.”

“We have a lot of talent here in Tennessee. I think it’s about how you present yourself. Do you know how to take an interview and answer a question? Do you know how to conduct yourself on social media?”

Social media has changed the world. More specifically, it has changed the way recruiters get to know athletes. What athletes post on social media could reveal who they are as a person and could make or break a college offer.

“People are going to judge you. Somebody is always watching,” Reid said, “You have to carry yourself to the highest standard possible.”

Reid is no stranger to seeing success. The aforementioned former Memphis Tigers player Greg Ross is his uncle, and his other uncle is former Giants General Manager Jerry Reese.

Reid got into football in the sixth grade as a running back, and his first carry went to the end zone. From then on, he fell in love with the game.

Being around the game doesn’t mean he is a stranger to hard work. Instead, he now understands the importance of getting assistance.

That is why he worked hard to bring notable names to the TN Top 100 Camp so the kids could hear from people who have been at the next level.

“It’s important that we have guys that have done it,” Reid said, “So many times, our youth are told you need to have a backup plan. But when you are around people that have done it, you develop the mindset of ‘how come I can’t?”

This camp will be significant, and these kids will receive valuable training that could spark their young careers. The TN Top 100 camp will be at Lipscomb Academy on February 6th – 7th, beginning at 9 am.

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