Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson could prove to be a great fit for the team’s offense, his college position coach said.

At Georgia, Wilson played right tackle in a zone-blocking scheme. With the Titans, Wilson will play right tackle in a zone-blocking scheme.

“I thought when he got drafted by Tennessee that he was a great fit for them, because a lot of the things that they’re trying to do, we were trying to do at Georgia,” said Sam Pittman, who was Wilson’s offensive line coach at Georgia.

The first-round pick has the necessary experience, physicality and attitude to succeed within the Titans’ offensive scheme. Riley explained why in an interview with A to Z Sports.


From the moment that Pittman first laid eyes on Wilson, he knew that Georgia had something special.

Not only was Wilson’s 6-foot-7-inch, 350-pound frame impressive, but he translated his size into imposing physicality.

“We got him down in the summer and he worked out for about 30 minutes and about killed my grad assistant who was holding the bag for him,” Pittman said with a chuckle.

“I haven’t seen many people who look like him in my life.”

That physicality became a staple for Wilson throughout his college career. He enjoyed using his impressive size and strength to, as he explained in a conference call after being drafted, “break another man’s will.”

The Titans, who have been a run-first team on offense over the last few years, will certainly welcome Wilson’s physicality with open arms.

“He’s so big, so he gets on you early in a game,” said Pittman, who described facing Wilson as a “physical pounding throughout the entire game.”

“If he gets you on the ground, he lays on you and things of that nature. It takes a lot out of a defender.”


In addition to his physicality, Wilson gained a reputation at Georgia for having a big, infectious personality.

He has a well-known passion for the cartoon “Spongebob Squarepants” and gained the nickname “Panda”

But Wilson’s personality goes beyond simply being a fun guy to be around. He’s a dedicated, hard worker, and Pittman found that out just a day after Wilson graduated high school.

“He graduated one night, and he drove down through the night, and we had a run at 11 a.m. It was hotter than hot there in Athens. He got out of his car after about a 12-hour drive and started running.”

A hard-working attitude is something that the Titans have especially valued since Jon Robinson became the team’s general manager.

Wilson will undoubtedly fit right into that vision.

“He’ll fit in perfectly. He’s got to continue to get his technique better, but the desire there, the toughness being there, you can coach him however you want. Their o-line coach will get exactly what he wants out of him—he’ll figure out exactly how to coach him.”

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