The NFL is a year-round sport, and no one knows that better than Tennessee Titans general manager Jon Robinson.

Almost immediately after the conclusion of the Super Bowl in February, the collective focus of the NFL shifts from the previous season to planning for the upcoming season.

That means NFL draft preparations, roster decisions, salary cap discussions, and, of course, free agency.

On Wednesday, Robinson joined A to Z Sports’ Buck Reising on his new midday show on 104.5 The Zone to discuss the Titans’ offseason plans.

Robinson specifically discussed how the Titans could approach free agency this offseason.

And it certainly sounds like Robinson is hoping to take advantage of the strange market created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

That includes more players than usual potentially being cut by teams to clear salary.

“We’re talking currently about being patient with players that are going to become available, who aren’t current free agents, as teams try to get under the cap,” explained Robinson to Reising.

In addition to taking advantage of other teams trying to get under the cap, the Titans could also look to benefit from players taking one-year deals with the hope of “resetting” their market value.

“I think that’s going to be a pretty big trend this year, more so than in years past, where guys are doing one-year deals with the hope that the market resets a little bit more next year,” said Robinson.

Jon Robinson’s full interview with Buck can be heard here discussing all Titans Free Agency.

The Titans may have to get a little creative to make some moves happen. Tennessee’s current cap total is around $175 million. While we don’t know what next year’s salary cap will be, we at least know that it won’t be less than $180 million.

This offseason is going to be nearly as strange as it was last season, thanks to the economic repercussions of the pandemic. We’re going to see teams taking a much different approach than a typical offseason.

It will still be a frenzy, but we will likely see contract negotiations take a bit more time, as teams try to be wise with their dollars, and players do their best to maximize their value, without sacrificing future earnings.

Robinson, however, is hopeful that Tennessee’s reputation over the last five years (five straight winning seasons, reaching the AFC Championship game in 2019, winning the AFC South in 2020) will help the Titans in free agency.

In other words, craziness as usual — just a different kind of crazy.

Fortunately for Titans fans, Robinson is clearly prepared for the strangeness, as evidenced by his conversation with Reising on Wednesday.

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