The Tennessee Titans’ 2020 schedule was announced on Thursday, and five things stood out about it, in particular.

1. No Jacksonville Primetime Game

Beginning with the 2014 season, a primetime matchup between the Titans and Jaguars became a bit of a Nashville institution. That institution seems to be at least temporarily over, as the two teams will not face off in primetime in 2020.

That development is a relief.

The Titans and Jaguars have rarely been good at the same time, so many of the games were slobber knockers. Outside of Derrick Henry’s 99-yard touchdown in 2018, it’s hard to think of a single exciting moment to come from one of the matchups.

Considering that the Titans are trending upwards and the Jaguars are tending toward tank territory, this was a good time for that less-than-treasured tradition to meet its end.

2. Return to Scheduled SNF!

Since the 2009 season, the Titans have played on Sunday Night Football, the NFL’s marquee matchup of the week, just once. That was Week 17 of the 2018 season, and it was a flex option.

After a deep playoff run, the Titans have been given the honor of a scheduled SNF appearance. The team will travel north to what will undoubtedly be a brutally frigid Lambeau Field two days after Christmas for a primetime showdown with the Packers.

That should be an interesting matchup. The Packers, like the Titans, were outmanned in their conference championship. Also, Green Bay head coach Matt LaFleur was Tennessee’s offensive coordinator in 2018.

3. Late-Night Opener

Prepare for your sleep schedule to be thrown off!

The Titans’ 2020 season opener will be a road game against the Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football.

As is tradition, ESPN will broadcast two MNF games on the first Monday of the season, and Tennessee’s tilt with the Broncos will be game No. 2.

That means a very late start time for the game. 9:10 p.m. central time, to be exact.

Already looking for a storyline to keep you awake that late into the night? Look no further than former Titans defensive lineman Jurrell Casey, who was traded to the Broncos in March.

Casey seems to have already circled that date on his calendar, and it will be interesting to see him face his former teammates for the first time.

4. Meeting the Colts in Primetime

Out go the Jaguars, in come the Colts.

The Titans will face their rivals from Indianapolis on November 11 in a primetime showdown on TNF.

With Philip Rivers at QB and improved offensive weapons across the board, the Colts will certainly be much more exciting for audiences than the Jaguars. They’re also far closer to being on the Titans’ level of competitiveness.

It’s always a fun matchup to watch when both the Titans and Colts have good teams and are playing well. This could be another one of those times.

5. Tough End-of-Season Stretch

Five of the Titans’ final seven games of the 2020 season will be on the road, which is a tough ask of any team.

If the Titans are in a position heading into that stretch where they have to play catchup due to a slow start—like what happened in 2019—it will be tough for them to climb out of the hole.

Not only are the Titans having to travel, but they’ll face some tough teams. Baltimore and Green Bay, in particular, could spell trouble.

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Cover image: Thomas J. Russo/USA Today
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