It’s victory Wednesday for the first time in the NFL since 1947! We react to the demolition derby that was the Titans’ 42-16 victory over the Bills.

We immediately jump right in to our reactions following the big win to move the Titans to 4-0 on the season. Plus, where SHOULD the Titans have practiced since Montgomery Bell Academy did not work out as planned.

Derrick Henry’s stiff arm is back in a big way. Henry shoved Josh Norman into the Earth’s core never to return again highlighting the Bills’ embarrassing performance. We offer up some advice to Norman because, let’s just be transparent, this is not the first time Titans fans have seen something like this happen.

The Titans’ third-down defense is a major area of concern, especially last night. What is the reason behind this and could Flex Seal help?

We hit a quick Shield Shower and analyze the Le’Veon Bell situation in New York before we close with Remember the Titan

Here are some important timestamps from this week’s installment of the Titan Up Podcast:

5:16 – Titans-Bills Instant Recap

16:26 – Where the Titans SHOULD’VE Practiced

21:33 – STEPH CON Update

25:15 – Derrick Henry Killed Josh Norman

36:02 – Unsolicited Advice for Josh Norman

44:50 – Titans’ 3rd Down D

53:13 – Who’s Still on the Reserve/COVID-19 List?

57:33 – Shoutout to Titans Social Media

1:04:19 – Mini-Shield Shower

1:13:13 – Remember the Titan

1:20:07 – What’s Next: Houston Texans

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