The Earl Campbell ‘Sode (No. 34) has arrived just one week before the NFL Trade Deadline! The Titans suffered their first loss of the season on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but with the Cincinnati Bengals up next, there is no time to sulk.

Sunday’s tough loss definitely stung. Austin and Jack take a trip down Venter’s Alley in a new segment named after Nashville’s Printers Alley. But unlike the tucked away street in downtown Nashville, you leave Venter’s Alley feeling much better than when you first arrived.

ESPN’s NFL Nation Tennessee Titans reporter, Turron Davenport joins the podcast this week. He explains what getting Adoree Jackson back will do for this abysmal Titans defensive unit. Plus, which cornerbacks are out there that might be worth a phone call? Stephon Gilmore is certainly interesting.

Stephen Gostkowski is in many Titans fans’ doghouses this week after missing a game-tying 46-yard field goal as time winded down on Sunday. It’s time to update the STEPH-CON System.

Finally, we end the ‘Sode with Remember the Titan before previewing Sunday’s contest versus the Bengals.

Here are some important timestamps from this week’s installment of the Titan Up Podcast:

3:12 – Titans-Steelers Initial Reactions

8:07 – Venter’s Alley

33:45 – Uncle Turron Davenport Interview

58:45 – Titans Trade Talk

1:08:17 – Will Compton Good News/Bad News

1:11:51 – STEPH-CON Update

1:15:31 – Remember the Titan

1:20:57 – What’s Next: Cincinnati Bengals

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