Welcome to ‘Sode No. 46 of the Titan Up Podcast: Uncle Nick Westbrook-Ikhine & Farewell Arthur!

The sand in the hourglass has finally run out. Arthur Smith grew his coaching wings and flew down to Atlanta after being hired as the head coach of the Falcons.

Losing Art Smith hurts, but now he is taking Dean Pees with him?! WHAT?!?!?!

While we are on the subject of coaching news, how about Urban Meyer to the Jaguars? That’s a move that will get anybody’s heart to beat a little faster than usual.

Titans wide receiver Nick Westbrook-Ikhine joins the Titan Up Podcast this week! NWI talks about the trials and tribulations of the 2020 season, what it was like being a UDFA in the most unusual offseason in NFL history, and SO much more!

After the interview, Austin and Jack keep things light with Laughing at the Texans. Deshaun Watson REALLY wants out of Houston.

Finally, Remember the Titans closes out the ‘Sode!

Here are some important timestamps from this week’s installment of the Titan Up Podcast:

7:05 – Farewell Arthur Smith

15:12 – Dean Pees is BACK! (But not with the Titans)

21:40 – Are the Jags (with Urban Meyer) Back?

33:01– Our NEW Media Beef

38:25 – Uncle Nick Westbrook-Ikhine

1:12:03 – Laughing at the Texans

1:24:55 – Remember the Titan

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