Welcome into ‘Sode No. 35 of the Titan Up Podcast: Uncle Marc Mariani & Cutting Corners!

The Tennessee Titans have lost their second straight game as the team fell to a vastly inferior Cincinnati Bengals team on Sunday. Time for another trip down Venter’s Alley.

Jon Robinson pulls another rabbit out of his hat trading a sixth-round pick for 2018 Pro Bowl slot corner, Desmond King. With King’s addition comes the long awaited release of Jonathan Joseph. It truly is the end of a nightmarish era.

A member of the Titans’ special teams Mt. Rushmore joins the podcast this week. Marc Mariani discusses his playing days, the current state of the Titans, his Pro Bowl records, and so much more!

Brett Kern was injured in Sunday’s loss due to a poor snap from Beau Brinkley that ultimately led to Brinkley’s release on Tuesday. The Titans might have to look under the sink for the Coffin Kerner’s replacement.

The NFL’s Trade Deadline came and went without much work getting done across the league. Bill O’Brien would have never let this trade deadline travesty happen.

Finally, we end the ‘Sode with Remember the Titan before previewing Sunday’s contest with the Chicago Bears.

Here are some important timestamps from this week’s installment of the Titan Up Podcast:

3:34 – Venter’s Alley

22:16 – Cut Day For The Titans

30:36 – J-Rob Does It Again: Desmond King!

35:50 – Uncle Marc Mariani Interview

1:13:32 – Pour One Out: Brett Kern is Injured

1:19:17 – NFL Trade Deadline Recap

1:21:57 – Remember the Titan

1:26:54 – What’s Next: Chicago Bears

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