Welcome into the eleventh ‘Sode of A to Z Sports’ Titan Up Podcast with Austin Huff and Jack Gentry, brought to you by Tennessee Tickets.

All things considered, it has been a pretty dry week in regard to Titans news. But, that didn’t stop us from one of the more fun editions of the Titan Up Podcast that we have produced thus far.

Uncle Luke Worsham makes his #TUP debut this week. Luke covers the Tennessee Titans for the well-oiled multimedia machine known as A to Z Sports Nashville.

We ask Uncle Luke about some of the burning questions from this offseason such as Jadeveon Clowney, Derrick Henry, Corey Davis, and of course, does T-Rac have a drinking problem?

Luke gives his thoughts on if the Titans have done enough to bring home the AFC South crown this season and picks the members of Titans media he would most want to have a beer with.

We get into all of that and much more including a highly anticipated Clowney Watch update. We dip into our bag of mail with questions sent to TitanUpPod@atozsportsnashville.com before closing with Remember the Titan.

Here is a list of timestamps for the different topics we dove into during the episode:

3:30 – Clowney Watch 2020

4:09 – Uncle Luke Worsham Interview

45:59 – EMAILS

53:07 – Remember the Titan

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