The Titan Up Podcast is back with ‘Sode No. 30. The Titans are fresh off of their third victory of the season, but not everything is sunshine and rainbows.

Three players and five members of the staff have tested positive for COVID-19. Is anyone to blame? We offer up some optimism around the situation.

The best Titans linebacker ever, Keith Bulluck, joins the podcast. It’s Steelers week (hopefully) so who better to have than the man who once stomped the Terrible Towel into oblivion.

Uncle Keith Bulluck talks about his reputation of being Mr. Monday Night, the 2008 game against the Steelers, and shares a story on Eddie George and Derrick Henry’s conversation that jump started Henry’s career.

After going six-for-six on field goals, it is only right that we give a STEPH CON update. Stephen Gostkowski is the first kicker to make three game-winning kicks in his first three games with a team since the 1970 merger!

The Titans’ defense has struggled for the majority of the season. Why is this happening and who needs to step up. Hint: everybody but Jeffery Simmons.

Jadeveon Clowney had a bad penalty negating Jonathan Joseph’s pick six on Sunday. Does Jon Joe regret recruiting Clowney? Plus, Clowney haters are lame.

It’s time for an OFS (Old Friend Alert) as Earl Thomas has been brought in for a workout by none other than Bill O’Brien and the Texans. There have been no official reports of his brother being involved, but history tells us that the notion can’t be counted out.

Finally, we preview this weekend’s matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The first REAL test of the Titans’ season.

Here are some important timestamps from this week’s installment of the Titan Up Podcast:

4:48 – The Titans Have COVID

14:17 – Who’s To Blame?

18:43 – Here’s Some COVID Optimism

25:28 – Uncle Keith Bulluck Interview

1:04:22 – STEPH-CON System Update

1:13:10 – Titans Defense: Cause for Concern?

1:17:09 – Let’s Talk About Clowney’s Penalty

1:22:11 – OFA: Old Friend Alert (Earl Thomas)

1:24:48 – What’s Next: Pittsburgh Steelers

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