Welcome into ‘Sode No. 41 of the Titan Up Podcast: Uncle Joe Rexrode & Your Playoff Roadmap!

Seeing the Jacksonville Jaguars on your schedule is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face. And, on Sunday, nobody was smiling bigger than the Tennessee Titans and Derrick Henry.

Are the Titans FINALLY ready to get over the 9-7 hump? It sure looks like it. What does 10, or even 11 wins mean for this Titans organization and their seeding in the playoffs?

Derrick Henry busted out for 225 yards and two touchdowns in Sunday’s win over the Jaguars. Henry currently sits at +5000 to win the MVP according to William Hill Sportsbook. Henry needs to average 156 yards over his next three games to reach 2,000 yards on the season.

With the Titans secondary banged up beyond belief, Malcolm Butler showed up in a big way on Sunday with his best performance of the 2020 season. Take a bow, Malcolm!

This week, we are joined by The Athletic’s Joe Rexrode who hits on the potential return of Adoree Jackson, Henry for MVP, how the Titans can beat the Chiefs, and even poop attacks.

Speaking of doodoo, Lamar Jackson took the Browns to the Super Bowl on this week’s edition of Monday Night Football. We talk about the game of the year and who the Titans should be pulling for with the playoffs on the horizon.

As is tradition, we wrap up the ‘Sode with Remember the Titans and What’s Next: Detroit Lions edition.

Here are some important timestamps from this week’s installment of the Titan Up Podcast:

4:25 – Can the Titans Get to 10 Wins?

9:41 – A.J. Brown’s One-Hander

15:06 – Derrick Henry… MVP?

28:44 – Malcolm Butler, Take a Bow

35:58 – Uncle Joe Rexrode Interview

57:40 – Browns-Ravens: Who to Root for?

1:09:33 – Remember The Titan

1:20:54 – What’s Next: Detroit Lions

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