While there are certainly more important things going on in the world at the moment, the Titan Up Podcast is excited to bring another fun ‘Sode to you.

This week, Joe Dubin of WSMV Channel 4 News Nashville drops in as our special guest. Big Joe shares great stories from past Titans players including Vince Young and Kyle Vanden Bosch. He also provides his own Titans Dumpster Dive

We not only got his thoughts on this year’s Titans team, but also learned why Uncle Joe wears women’s sunglasses on occasion. And yes, we revisited the infamous Marcus Mariota/Thanksgiving turkey wisecrack.


Before the interview we received some breaking news regarding Jadeveon Clowney that you simply can’t miss.

Once Big Joe exits stage left we get into what came out of Tuesday’s media conference call with a few coaches on the defensive side of the ball. Who will call plays this season?

Before the episode concludes, Austin and Jack kick around a fun hypothetical involving two Titans players and a bench press. The mailbag received a letter this week and we end with Remember the Titan.

Here is a list of timestamps from this week’s ‘Sode:

3:53 – Clowney Watch 2020

7:05 – Uncle Joe Dubin Interview

46:23 – Let’s Talk Titans Defensive Plans

52:10 – NFL Bans Training Camp Travel

53:34 – A Titans Bench Press Hypothetical

57:56 – EMAILS

1:04:55 – Remember the Titan

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