Welcome back to another great ‘SODE of the Titan Up Podcast with Austin Huff and Jack Gentry, brought to you by Tennessee Tickets.

We have our first guest EVER join us on this edition of your favorite Titans podcast. The man who was born with a pencil behind his ear, the king of visors, and the GOAT of Titans media, Jim Wyatt.

As Senior Editor of Titans Online, we pick his brain for the inside scoop on the Titans’ draft. We get his take on Clowney Watch 2020 as well as what he thinks about the Logan Ryan situation.

The interview closes with Wyatt’s thoughts on the plan at the back-up quarterback position and Derrick Henry’s contract dilemma.

We follow up with a Titans version of the Wonderlic Test where Jack puts Austin’s fanhood to the test. Gronk’s return and Jon Robinson’s insane war room setup are also discussed.

Here is a list of timestamps for the different topics we dove into during the episode:

3:03 – Uncle Jim Wyatt Interview

40:08 – Wonderlic Talk and Test

57:45 – SHIELD SHOWER: A Look Around The League

1:09:13 – Jon Robinson’s War Room Is Bad Ass

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