The Titan Up Podcast is back with their FIFTEENTH ‘Sode!

This week’s guest is 104.5 The Zone’s Chad Withrow. Uncle Chad shares the studio on weekday afternoons from 10-2 with the permanently pissed off Paul Kuharsky and *checks notes* Jonathan Hutton on The Midday 180.

It is suffice to say that we have great sympathy for Withrow.

After some pleasantries we dive right into the Tennessee Titans. Has the team done enough in the offseason to reach fans’ expectations for the 2020 season?

Uncle Chad goes on the record as pro-Jadeveon Clowney and provides his thoughts on who should call the team’s defensive plays and why.

We also get into why Colin Kaepernick actually makes sense as a backup quarterback for the two-toned blue.

After the interview, we give Adam Rank the attention he so desperately craves as his Titans record prediction has been released.

We touch on the Madden 21 trailer and our takes on Lamar Jackson admitting he and the Ravens “underestimated” the Titans.

The episode concludes with ESPN’s NFL Re-Draft (it stinks) and Remember the Titan.

Here are some important timestamps for this week’s edition of the Titan Up Podcast:

3:14 – Clowney Watch 2020

5:22 – Uncle Chad Withrow Interview

53:30 – Adam Rank’s 2020 Titans Record Prediction

1:00:37 – Madden 21 Trailer Dropped

1:05:29 – Lamar Jackson “Overlooked” the Titans

1:11:04 – Mock Re-Drafts Are The Worst

1:18:14 Remember the Titan

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