The Kevin Byard ‘Sode (No. 31) is here and who better than to have on than A to Z Sports Nashville’s own, Buck Reising? Uncle Buck is the TUP’s first reoccurring guest!

The Titans have finally strung together two consecutive days without a positive test and normalcy appears to be within eyeshot. Which Titans are expected to return/not return and how could that impact Week 5’s matchup with the Bills?

Houston Texans HC/GM Bill O’Brien was fired on Monday so it is only right that we pay tribute to the greatest General Manager in Titans history. He receives a 21-Idiot Salute.

Next, Uncle Buck Reising joins the podcast to give us a breakdown of how the Titans are operating around this COVID breakout. Plus, how do the Titans match up against the Bills and MVP candidate Josh Allen?

After the interview, we preview Sunday’s game with the Bills. The Titans defense will likely have to put together their best performance yet if the Titans are to come out with a win.

Finally, we end the ‘Sode with Remember the Titan. RTT now has a sponsor and they’re great!

Here are some important timestamps from this week’s installment of the Titan Up Podcast:

5:00 – A Titans COVID Update

22:04 – A Bill O’Brien Memorial

31:31 – Uncle Buck Reising Interview

1:19:17 – What’s Next: Buffalo Bills

1:30:01 – Remember The Titan

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