Welcome to ‘Sode No. 45 of the Titan Up Podcast: Uncle Brent Dougherty & The Loyal Titans Fanboy Podcasters!


That is the feeling that Tennessee Titans fans have been fighting ever since the team’s season ended in Sunday’s 20-13 Wild Card Round loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Austin and Jack open up the episode discussing Arthur Smith’s play calling shortcomings. Art picked a bad time to call his worst game of the season.

The Titans defense, which has been horrendous all season long, stepped up when they needed to most. If somebody were to tell you that the Titans defense produced five sacks and allowed just 20 points, the Titans win that game 99 times out of 100. Just not this time.

It’s time to embrace debate! Was this season a success? Is that too broad and too lazy of a question? Let’s talk about it.

Before 104.5 The Zone’s Brent Dougherty joins the guys, a dramatic reading of tweets must be done. Banging internet hats? Hmm…

The Mayor, Brent Dougherty of 3HL, then joins the TUP to talk about Smith’s performance on Sunday, Mike Vrabel’s questionable decisions, the Ravens stomping on logos, and MUCH more.

After the interview, was the logo stomping fair or foul? Does anyone even care? Plus, John Harbaugh SUCKS!

We end the season as we started it by closing the ‘Sode with Remember the Titans and What’s Next: The Offseason!

Here are some important timestamps from this week’s installment of the Titan Up Podcast:

5:54 – 4th & 2

10:51 – Arthur Smith Was Stubborn

16:07 – Shoutout to the Titans Defense

21:10– A Dramatic Reading of tweets

28:51 – Was This Season a Failure?

42:41 – Uncle Brent Dougherty Interview

1:12:36 – The Logo Stomp

1:17:08 – Remember the Titan

1:24:57– What’s Next: The Offseason

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