‘Sode No. 20 of the Titan Up Podcast is here. That is almost unbelievable to type.

A fan with sources is the focal point of our Clowney Watch 2020 Update this week and Titans Twitter took the bait. That’s okay because we have a plan.

Derrick Henry got signed (because of us?) last Wednesday. We give our reactions to the King’s new deal.

Brent Dougherty of 104.5 The Zone’s 3HL joins the fellas for an interview. Uncle Brent gives us his thoughts on Jadeveon Clowney, King Henry’s contract, Jon Robinson’s impressive offseason, and provides a second opinion on Jack’s performance as a 3HL intern.

We follow up the interview with This Week in Titans Facebook before closing with Remember the Titan

Here are some important timestamps from this week’s edition of the Titan Up Podcast:

3:00 – Clowney Watch 2020 Update

11:24 – Our Derrick Henry Reaction

19:51 – Uncle Brent Dougherty Interview

53:28 – This Week in Titans Facebook

1:02:02 – Remember the Titan

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