In ‘Sode No. 25 of the Titan Up Podcast Austin & Jack add Uncle Blaine Bishop to the family tree!

The podcast opens with a Clowney Watch 2020 Update. The guys break a little news on the Jadeveon Clowney situation, but that should come as no surprise. This podcast’s sources are iron clad.

Uncle Blaine stops by to talk some football. What was being teammates with Jason Whitlock in college like? Plus, Blaine discusses his ‘memory’ of Super Bowl XXXIV.

Blaine also opens up about the shake up at 104.5 The Zone for the first time. He also gives us a Mount Rushmore of the station’s most influential members over the years.

Trevor Siemian got signed last week to back up Ryan Tannehill. Blake Bortles would have been nice, but T-Money Sizzle will have to do for now.

Isaiah Wilson gets cited at a TSU party during a global pandemic. Not exactly a great look for a first-round draft pick.

The Jaguars’ C.J. Henderson foolishly classified Derrick Henry as a ‘Human.’ That surely won’t backfire at all.

Will ‘The Boy’ Compton gets a tryout with the Titans. Austin & Jack have the inside scoop of how that went down at the backend of the ‘Sode.

Here are some important timestamps from this week’s installment of the Titan Up Podcast:

5:35 – Clowney Watch 2020 Update

11:08 – Uncle Blaine Bishop Interview

1:01:54 – Trevor Siemian? Really?

1:07:09 – Isaiah Wilson LOVES To Party

1:12:09 – C.J. Henderson Calls Derrick Henry ‘Human’

1:14:48 – Is Will Compton Coming Back?

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