This week’s ‘Sode marks the Titan Up Podcast’s Sweet 16! That’s right, the TUP is 16 ‘Sodes old as of this week.

This week’s edition started with a Clowney Watch 2020 update that is unlike any you have heard before.

Although there was no special guest interview this week, Austin and Jack broke down a plethora of the NFL’s biggest news pieces as they relate to the Titans.

A report has surfaced listing the Tennessee Titans as a “sneaky candidate” for New York Jets safety, Jamal Adams.

Marcus Mariota got engaged over the weekend and the Titans were quick on the rebound.

John Harbaugh walked back on Lamar Jackson’s statement that the Ravens underestimated the Titans in the 2019 Playoffs, but he is isn’t fooling anyone.

The ‘Sode closes with one of your emails and everyone’s favorite segment, Remember the Titan.

Here are some important timestamps for this week’s installment of the Titan Up Podcast:

4:33 – Clowney Watch 2020

7:29 – Titans “Sneaky Candidate” for Adams

18:48 – Marcus Mariota Got Engaged

23:50 – Cole McDonald: Officially Signed

27:03 – Harbaugh Disputes Lamar’s Claims

33:13 – EMAILS

41:50 – Remember the Titan

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