Welcome to the first episode of the Titan Up Podcast with Austin Huff and Jack Gentry, brought to you by Tennessee Tickets.

This week the NFL has featured a plethora of free agency acquisitions and trades. The Titans are running it back with Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry; meanwhile Tom Brady found a new home and the Texans got Bill O’Brien’d.

We get into all of that and much more, including some of our favorite segments: Dumpster Dive, Shield Shower, and Remember the Titan!

Here is a list of timestamps for the different topics we dove into during the episode:


10:41- Tannehill/Henry

18:33 – Bill O’Brien, You Da Real Titans MVP

21:37 – Logan Ryan or Jadeveon Clowney?

26:12 – The importance of signing a backup QB

28:59 –  Tom Brady is Amish

34:32 – Farewell to Marcus Mariota

42:01 – Comparing the Jurrell Casey trade to the P.K Subban deal

45:58 – An appreciation for Jurrell Casey’s butt crack


52:16 – We’re an anti-Jonathan Hutton podcast


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