Welcome back to the Titan Up Podcast with Austin Huff and Jack Gentry, brought to you by Tennessee Tickets. This week we are dropping a special Sunday ‘Sode to recap the Titans’ draft weekend.

There was no shortage of content this weekend as Mike Vrabel and the curious characters in his household grabbed the nation’s attention during Thursday night’s first round.

We give our initial takeaways on how the team fared over the most anticipated NFL Draft in the history of the league.

In addition to the in-depth analysis, we also provide our take on Isaiah Wilson’s mom’s excellent kick-out block of the first-rounder’s girlfriend that the whole nation was able to witness. Titans draftees Kristian  Fulton, Darrynton Evans, and Larrell Murchison are also topics of conversation.

Before the episode was wrapped up, we felt an obligation to address the seventh-round pick of Cole McDonald. who practically ensures that the Aloha Spirit will never leave the confines of Nissan Stadium.

The episode is closed with the biggest question from the 2020 Draft Weekend – Was Mike Vrabel’s son taking the Browns to the Super Bowl on ESPN?

Here are some noteworthy timestamps:

1:43 – Initial Draft Takeaways

10:51 – Isaiah Wilson

22:09 – Isaiah Wilson’s mom

24:52 – Kristian Fulton

30:29 – Darrynton Evans

33:55 – Larrell Murchison

39:00 – Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari’s divorce

40:27 – Cole McDonald

44:23 – Chris Jackson

48:43 – Who Will Be This Draft Class’s Dumpster Dive?

51:48 – Mike Vrabel’s House and Did His Son Poop?

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