If the Tennessee Titans, or any franchise, want to win a championship, they need a healthy combination of talent, good coaching and a winning atmosphere.

It’s pretty clear the Titans have plenty of talent. And the hope for the franchise is that the coaching will be better with new head coach Mike Vrabel and the staff he’s put together.

That means cultivating a winning atmosphere is the final key to the Titans’ having success in 2018 and beyond.

New defensive coordinator Dean Pees is already seeing signs of an improved culture, recently telling Nashville’s 1045. “There has been kind of a buzz around the building you can feel, and I just really like their attitude coming into the building open-minded, listening to what is going on.”

Pees added “I think it is just a great group”.

Tennessee Titans

Attitude is everything when it comes to winning in the NFL. This is professional football, every team has a lot of talent. But talent alone doesn’t win games.

If the culture sucks, the team isn’t going to perform well.

Vrabel has made it his mission to change the culture in Nashville. He’s only been on the job for a couple of months, but he’s clearly already on his way to accomplishing his mission.

The Titans team you see on the field in 2018 will feature a lot of the same players from 2017’s wild card team. But aside from the familiar faces, Tennessee will probably be unrecognizable to longtime fans.

I expect Pees and offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur to completely reinvent the Titans’ style of play. And I think it’s a reinvention that Titans fans will love.

Especially if it leads to a Super Bowl trophy.

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