Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly is widely regarded as the best linebacker in the NFL.

Kuechly’s elite ability to read and diagnose a play, and then make the proper adjustments, just seconds before the snap set him apart from the rest of the linebackers in the NFL.

The reason Kuechky is so good comes down to one thing — the time he spends watching and consuming all things football. Kuechly lives it and breathes it.

The former Boston College linebacker’s film watching habits are legendary in the NFL.

The Tennessee Vols have a player on their roster that might end up being a superstar like Kuechly.

Linebacker Henry To’o To’o, who is seeing significant playing time as a true freshman (he’s on the field for nearly every play), has a work ethic that’s incredibly similar to Kuechly’s.

Vols inside linebackers coach Kevin Sherrer spoke to the Knoxville QB club on Monday and he shared a story that perfectly details To’o To’o’s love for football.

He (To’o To’o) is a mature guy — loves football. When I say loves football … It was the first time — my wife and I — it was late one night, we were about to go bed and talking a little bit and I got a phone call, a FaceTime from Henry. I answered the phone and He said, ‘Hey coach I was on my iPad watching film of practice.’ He was asking, ‘if this happens or that happens, what should I do?’ We were going through it, it was about 10-minute conversation. We got off and my wife said, it must be nice to have a player call to talk about football instead of what is going on outside of that. It was the time I can remember a player doing that.

Those are the habits of a special football player. To’o To’o is a true freshman. He’s played in five college football games, yet he’s likely already one of the most mature players in the SEC.

It’s obvious that To’o To’o, who is second on the team with 32 tackles, is a player with rare talents and instincts. But that can be said of numerous defensive players at the collegiate level.

What sets To’o To’o apart, however, is his drive to continuously improve as a football player. That’s what’s going to make him a superstar in the SEC and possibly at the next level as well.

The Vols have a special player on their hands in To’o To’o. The experience he’s gaining from seeing a lot of action as a true freshman is truly invaluable.

To’o To’o, who currently leads the Vols with 2.5 tackles for loss this season, has the potential to go down as one of the best linebackers in program history.

Featured image via Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports
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