Of the four teams left in the playoffs, the Tennessee Titans are the team that isn’t supposed to be there.

At least that’s the narrative.

Tennessee is the team that got hot at the right time in the eyes of the national media. They’re the team that doesn’t belong among the elite. They’re the underdogs.

The Titans, however, don’t see themselves as underdogs. They believe they’re a team good enough to win the Super Bowl. That’s how they’ve viewed themselves the entire season.

They know they’re good. And they don’t care if anyone thinks they aren’t. They don’t revel in being perceived as an “underdog”. The Titans are just focused on winning.

Defensive back Kenny Vacarro recently told Bleacher Report’s Tyler Dunne “We have our own energy…we always thought we were supposed to be here”.

The Titans won’t be relying on an “us against the world” mentality when they play the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. They don’t care who believes in them or doesn’t. They’re simply approaching their matchup against the Chiefs as they have every other matchup this season — with the intentions of winning.

Anything less than a Super Bowl win will be a disappointment for the Titans. They started the 2019 season by saying they wanted to go from good to great.

The season started poorly (a 2-4 start isn’t exactly the highway to great), but that didn’t mean that “great” was suddenly unattainable.

The Titans’ coaching staff continued to prepare with the intentions of being great. Tennessee’s players continued to get better everyday. They knew they had the potential to be great. A slow start and a lack of national media attention (which is normal for the Titans) didn’t deter them.

So now, as the Titans prepare to face the Chiefs on Sunday, they don’t care who believes in them. They don’t care if anyone is doubting them.

The Titans are going to Kansas City focused on one thing.

Taking another step toward winning the Super Bowl.

Winning it all is all that’s ever mattered this season for the Titans.

And now they’re two games away from reaching their ultimate goal.

Featured image via Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

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