We are in the thick of mock draft season.

Every day, there are multiple new mock drafts published from a variety of websites/news organizations. Everyone wants in on the action.

I don’t pay much attention to most of the mock drafts. All of them are just guesses after all, and rarely do they prove to be correct beyond the first couple of selections.

But there are a few mock drafts I think carry some weight. Anything from The Athletic I consider noteworthy. They don’t just throw stuff against the wall to see what sticks. There’s usually a lot of insight and logic attached to their predictions.

In The Athletic’s most recent mock draft, they have the Titans selecting outside linebacker Terrell Lewis with the No. 29 overall selection.

Tennessee Titans

If Titans general manager Jon Robinson doesn’t make a trade, I think there’s a very high probability this ends up being Tennessee’s pick.

For one, it fills a need. The Titans need an edge rusher and Lewis has the tools to be elite.

Aaron Suttles, who covers Alabama for The Athletic, says Lewis has everything needed “to be a dominant edge presence in the NFL”. Suttles also notes that Lewis has ideal size and can be a difference maker.

So why would Lewis fall to the end of the first round?

Well, there are some injury concerns (he missed all of 2018 with a torn ACL) and his effort has been questioned at times.

But the potential is there. And Robinson has showed he values potential (he took a chance on Jeffery Simmons last year and it paid off).

Filling a need with early first round potential late in the first round is what Robinson loves to do.

This mock draft selection makes so much sense that it might actually happen.

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