An article in the Knoxville News Sentinel on Monday asked whether or not the Tennessee Vols will regret losing quarterback Quinten Dormady (he announced in January his intentions to transfer).

The basic premise of the article suggests that Dormady could possibly find future success because of past UT quarterbacks like Nathan Peterman and Riley Ferguson.

Peterman left Tennessee and was eventually drafted to the NFL. And it looks like Ferguson, who also left, will get drafted in this year’s draft.

I strongly disagree with the notion that Dormady will find future success simply because other quarterbacks found success. And even if he does find future success, I don’t think the Vols should, or would, regret losing him.

First off, Peterman and Ferguson’s situations were both unique.

Ferguson transferred because of his own demons. It wasn’t Tennessee’s fault (or even Butch Jones’ fault) that he didn’t find success on Rocky Top. After Ferguson left Knoxville, he quit football for eight months and literally¬†started building fences. It wasn’t until Ferguson “found himself” that his incredible arm talent was able to translate to success on the field for the Memphis Tigers. It was never going to happen for him at Tennessee.

As for Peterman, who found success at Pittsburgh after transferring, part of that can be put on Butch Jones for not putting him in a good position at Tennessee. And then you also have to factor in Peterman not being ready at UT (much like he wasn’t ready for the NFL this year) and then being put in an offensive system that better suited his skills at Pittsburgh.

But regardless of who was at fault in either of those situations, none of it has anything to do with whether or not the Vols will regret losing Dormady. Or whether or not he’ll find future success.

Tennessee Vols

Tennessee wasn’t the place for Ferguson or Peterman. And it’s obvious that it isn’t the place for Dormady. And not because the system didn’t suit his skills — it’s very likely that Dormady would’ve been better off in Tyson Helton’s offense next season — but because it appears the Texas native wasn’t willing to compete.

Dormady had the tools to be the Vols’ starting quarterback in 2018. There is no anointed starter heading into next season. Sure, Guarantano is now the favorite, and maybe he was before Dormady decided to transfer (though that’s debatable), but the competition was far from settled. It was just getting started.

By deciding to transfer, Dormady gave off the vibe that he wasn’t up to the challenge of competing for the starting quarterback job at Tennessee. If you’re a Vols fan, don’t you want to see the toughest competitors in the SEC wearing orange?

Maybe there’s more to why Dormady transferred, we never truly know what someone’s thought process is. Perhaps he didn’t see the school as a good fit anymore. Or maybe he had grown tired of Knoxville. No one but Dormady knows for sure.

But what I do know, is that if Dormady wasn’t comfortable at Tennessee, for whatever reason, there’s no way he was going to find success there.

Even if Dormady puts up dazzling numbers wherever he ends up, it won’t mean that Tennessee’s staff, or fans, should regret losing him.

Because it’s highly unlikely that Dormady would’ve put up great numbers at a school that he didn’t want to be at.

Dormady did what he felt was best for him. And the Vols will do the best with what they have on the roster.

They have plenty of talent. I have a feeling they’ll be just fine.

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