Offensive lineman Trey Smith is one of the more talented players to wear a Tennessee Vols uniform in recent years.

But unfortunately for Smith, his health has prevented him from staying on the football field on a consistent basis.

The Tennessee native, who was ESPN’s No. 1 recruit in the 2017 signing class, has twice been sidelined because of blood clots in his lung.

Smith was sidelined indefinitely last October when the second occurrence of the blood clots was discovered. At that point, it was fair to wonder if Smith would ever play football again.

But Smith is a competitor, and if the doctors clear him, he wants to return to the football field.

For now, Smith is present at practice and doing “everything but contact”. Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt even mentioned that he’s running faster than anyone else at his position.

Certainly it would be a tremendous boost to Tennessee’s offensive line if Smith was able to return. But more than that, it would be an incredible comeback story that transcends football.

Prior to the discovery of the blood clots in Smith’s lungs, he was a sure-fire first or second round NFL draft pick. It’s brutal to see Smith’s bright future compromised because of a condition that’s completely out of his control.

It’s also a very scary thing he’s dealing with. Blood clots are no joke and they put Smith at a high risk for future issues.

The most important thing for Smith is that he gets healthy and is able to live life as normally as possible.

But if he’s able to return to playing, I can’t imagine the cheers that will await him at Neyland Stadium.

Smith would be deserving of every single one of those cheers and then some.

Featured image via Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

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