The Tennessee Vols received a ton of good news last week when they learned that Cade Mays is transferring to UT from Georgia and Trey Smith is returning to Knoxville for his senior season.

If Mays is able to win his appeal with the NCAA and gain immediate eligibility, the Vols have the potential to have one of the nastiest offensive lines in the country.

And even if Mays can’t play in 2020, the Volunteers will still have a pretty damn good offensive line.

Smith, along with the entire Tennessee fan base, is obviously hoping Mays wins his waiver case.

The Jackson, TN native recently joined The Nation and mentioned that playing beside Mays is something he’s wanted to do since the two became friends during the recruiting process.

Smith then delivered the quote of the offseason.

“I’ve always wanted to play next to him….If he plays next to me we’re going to maul the hell out of some people.”

Alright, that has to get Vol fans fired up.

Can you imagine those two former five-star recruits on the same offensive line?

Tennessee fans have to be excited at the thought.

Tennessee Vols

Of course, who knows if they’d actually play beside each other. Mays and Smith both provide the Vols with plenty of versatility.

Smith has mostly played inside at Tennessee, but he could play tackle if needed. The same goes for Mays, who played at every position for Georgia in 2019 . And UT’s staff likes to mix and match to find their best offensive line combination, which means it’s way too early to tell who will play where next season.

The Vols’ offensive line, after years of struggling, is finally in a good place. Now Tennessee just needs a quarterback that can take the offense to the next level.

Maybe incoming freshman Harrison Bailey will be that guy for the Vols.

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