I’ve tried to hold off on saying this, but I think it’s fairly obvious at this point — Jeremy Pruitt is not the guy who’s going to lead the Tennessee Vols back to the promised land.

Tennessee fell to 2-4 on Saturday after a 24-13 loss to the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Arkansas, who is led by first-year head coach Sam Pittman, outclassed the Vols on Saturday night in Fayetteville. The Razorbacks were better offensively, they were more physical and they were the better-coached team.

Pruitt is in his third year as the Vols’ head coach. There’s simply no excuse for where Tennessee is in year three.

Not only are the Vols not improving, but they might actually be regressing. The quarterback play continues to be terrible. Even more concerning is the defensive play we’re seeing from Tennessee.

Pruitt is a defensive guy. He’s supposed to be a secondary whiz. Instead, the Vols’ pass defense has more holes than the Grand Canyon.

At this point, there’s zero reason to believe Pruitt is anything more than a Jim McElwain or a Will Muschamp (to be honest, those guys had more success in the SEC than Pruitt’s had).

Why should anyone believe in Pruitt? Because the Vols beat a mediocre Auburn team in 2018? Or because they beat Mississippi State and Indiana last season? Those are the “big wins” in Pruitt’s career. Not very impressive, right?

I’m not calling for Pruitt to be fired. If that happens, it’s going to set the Vols back even further. But I also think we all know it’s inevitable at this point.

The Vols are going nowhere fast with Pruitt at the helm. A 3-7 season (assuming Tennessee beats Vanderbilt) is very possible.

Can the Vols keep Pruitt after going 3-7?

Maybe they do, because of the pandemic — though I’m not sure what UT will be hoping see different from the third-year head coach.

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