There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the 2020 college football season at the moment.

Some conferences are already moving to conference-only schedules, while other conferences (like the SEC) are waiting to make their decisions.

Whatever happens, there’s no doubt the season will look a lot different in 2020 than anything we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes.

However, even though the season will look different, there could still be a massive money-making opportunity for the NCAA.

If all of the Power-5 conferences move to shortened seasons, then it could allow for a unique postseason in college football.

For now, it appears that conferences are making plans for the fall based on the conditions in the country right now. The hope is obviously that the coronavirus pandemic will look a lot better in the fall (whether or not that’s the case is anyone’s guess). If things are better in the fall/winter, then why not have a mega 16-game playoff in December/January?

It would be a fun way to get some extra games for programs and it would help replace some of the lost revenue from canceled games/no fans at games.

Now, I’m not proposing this as a longterm solution for college football. I’m fine with the playoff in its current form, or even the inevitable eight-game playoff. But for this season, which is already going to be weird, I think it makes sense (if it can be done safely).

MLB recently expanded their postseason to 16 teams (in a 30 team league). I’m pretty sure 16 teams for college football is reasonable.

There’s a lot of branding/marketing opportunities that would go along with this that could make programs/networks a ton of cash.

Plus, college football is already in danger of being overshadowed by the NFL in 2020. This would be a chance to get some of the spotlight back on college football.

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