It’s no secret that I think Jeremy Pruitt should be fired.

I don’t think he’s the guy that’s going to lead the Tennessee Vols to greatness.

But maybe I’m wrong.

To be clear, I’ve seen no indication that I’m wrong. And nothing about Tennessee’s win against Vanderbilt on Saturday changes my mind.

The Commodores barely had enough players to play. They just fired their head coach. Anything other than a blowout win would’ve been embarrassing for Pruitt and the Vols.

Tennessee didn’t play great. They didn’t have to. Vandy didn’t have enough depth to keep up with the Vols (the game was close early), so a blowout win happened purely because the Commodores were significantly outmanned.

The details of the game don’t really matter. The fact that Tennessee won by several scores means Pruitt gets another chance to prove he’s a capable head coach.

And he’ll get that chance next week against a strong Texas A&M team.

I don’t expect the Vols to beat the Aggies next week. I don’t expect it to even be close.

But if Tennessee somehow pulls off a miracle, and the Vols finish 4-6, then I can completely understand Pruitt returning in 2021.

I won’t necessarily agree with it, but I’ll get where Phillip Fulmer and the UTAD is coming from if that happens.

The pandemic isn’t an excuse for Pruitt. But there’s no doubt it’s been a factor in Tennessee’s struggles this season.

I can understand why Fulmer would still have faith in Pruitt. I can understand why he’d want to see what he can do in a normal year with a legitimate quarterback under center.

Of course, with all that said I think the Vols get blown out next weekend.

If Tennessee finishes 3-7, Pruitt has to go.

The door is open for Pruitt to keep his job, but it’s slamming shut quickly.

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