Tennessee Vols basketball coach Rick Barnes is doing a tremendous job with his team this season.

The Vols are 18-5 and ranked No. 15 in the nation. They’re coming off their first season sweep of Kentucky since 1999. And according to FiveThirtyEight, they have a legitimate shot at landing a top seed in the upcoming NCAA tournament.

All of this after Tennessee was picked by the SEC media to finish 13th in the conference this season (I don’t expect folks will be letting the SEC media off the hook for that prediction anytime soon).

Barnes has undeniably found something deep within his players that’s motivating them to play some of the best basketball in the nation. Perhaps it’s their unofficial motto of “turn me up”. That has to be it!

Certainly that’s something Barnes thought up during the off-season, right?

Apparently not.

Barnes told reporters this week that he has no clue what the motto even means.

I’m with Barnes on this one. I have no idea what it means. Heck, I even google searched it and still came up with nothing.

It is nice, however, to see that mottos/slogans can be applied in an organic fashion. It turns out they’re much more effective that way.

Contrived mottos and cliché slogans have no place on Rocky Top.

And I think we’re seeing why with the performance of Tennessee’s basketball team this season.

Featured image via USA Today

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