Tennessee Vols redshirt senior tight end Princeton Fant is related to NFL star and he only found about it just recently.

Fant, who signed with the Vols during the 2017 recruiting cycle as a three-star wide receiver out of Nashville, told reporters on Wednesday that he found out a few weeks ago he’s related to Denver Broncos tight end Noah Fant.

The two tight ends are cousins according to Princeton Fant.

Tennessee Vols

I’m not sure how these two elite athletes went this long without knowing they’re related to each other.

I mean, how many players that are good enough to play tight end at a high level, have the same last name, and aren’t related? That number has to be low.

Noah Fant is from Omaha, while Princeton Fant is from Nashville. So on one hand, I can see how they didn’t put it together at first. But still, if I’m Princeton Fant and I see Noah Fant catching touchdowns on Sundays for the Broncos, I have to wonder if there’s a connection.

Either way, it’s pretty cool the two are connected now. Getting advice from a former first-round pick is never a bad thing.

The Vols are expected to use the tight end position a lot more under new head coach Josh Heupel, so perhaps Princeton Fant will be able to put some good stuff on film this season for NFL scouts.

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