Fans of the Tennessee Vols pretty much know what they’re getting with new offensive coordinator Jim Chaney.

After all, Chaney spent four seasons on Rocky Top (under two head coaches) before Butch Jones failed to retain him in 2013.

But good coaches evolve. And it’s been nearly seven years since Chaney last served as the Vols’ offensive coordinator. His concepts and style have likely changed a bit.

Thanks to 2021 four-star quarterback Jake Garcia, however, we have a good idea of how Tennessee’s offense will operate under Chaney.

Garcia recently told Rivals, after a trip to UT,¬†that Chaney is basically running the “old Georgia offense”. He noted that Tennessee is expected to have a 70-30 split of shotgun/under center snaps. The California native also said the offense includes a lot of pro-style concepts.

Tennessee Vols

It’s not really surprising to hear Garcia’s comments about Tennessee’s offense. Jeremy Pruitt and the Vols hired Chaney for a reason and it’s because of what he’s been able to accomplish in recent years at Georgia. They want him to be true to himself as an offensive coordinator. That’s something that separates Pruitt from Butch Jones — Pruitt isn’t afraid to let assistant coaches coach.

Jones’ meddling was ultimately a major contributor to his downfall. Pruitt, on the other hand, has already displayed a strong sense of self assurance. Essentially, Pruitt is as far from thin skinned as you can get. That’s an essential character trait to be a successful head coach in the SEC.

It should be fun for Vol fans to watch Chaney work his magic with UT’s offense in 2019. I’m not expecting Tennessee to be an offensive juggernaut in his first season, but I think they’ll rapidly improve with Chaney calling the plays.

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