Last month, it was reported that Tennessee Vols linebacker Jordan Allen was listed in the NCAA transfer portal.

Simply being listed in the transfer portal doesn’t mean a transfer is imminent. It just means that a player is evaluating his options.

That appeared to be the case with Allen, as it was reported last week that his name was no longer listed in the transfer portal.

It was easy to understand why Allen was considering a transfer. His mom is on the opposite coast and she’s dealt with a litany of health issues. Combine that with the fact that Allen didn’t see much action as a redshirt sophomore in 2018 and you have the perfect recipe for an understandable transfer.

But Allen’s mom wasn’t about to let her son transfer. In fact, she said “hell no” in a social media post she recently shared.

For what it’s worth, I have no issue with any kid who wants to transfer. It’s their life and their happiness. If a player isn’t happy somewhere, there’s no reason for him/her to be miserable.

But on the other hand, it’s incredibly refreshing to see this from Allen’s mom. We’ve collectively entered into an age where athletes are increasingly likely to bolt if they don’t receive the playing time they expect. Obviously this isn’t always the case (Jalen Hurts at Alabama for example), but it does happen a lot.

Allen has two years of eligibility remaining at Tennessee. And he has the talent to make an impact for the Vols.

After the way this story unfolded, I have a feeling that most Tennessee fans will be rooting for the California native to succeed on Rocky Top.

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