In recent weeks, Tennessee Vols offensive coordinator Jim Chaney has spent a lot of his time during practice with UT’s offensive line.

The Vols, of course, have an offensive line coach — Will Friend (who is in his second year with the program).

So why is Chaney, who isn’t technically coaching a position this season, spending extra time with the offensive line?

Is it because Friend isn’t doing a good job? Or is it because the offensive line’s performance has been less than stellar?

Well, according to Friend, it’s neither of those options. In fact, it’s much simpler.

Friend told reporters on Thursday that Chaney is simply an “extra pair of eyes” at practice.

Friend also mentioned that he and Chaney “spot so many different things”.

I wouldn’t expect any other answer from Friend. But I think it’s obvious that Chaney is spending more time with the offensive line because it needs more help than other position groups.

Though it’s not like there’s no hope for the Vols’ offensive line in 2019. Friend said he believes he has a older, stronger, more mature group this year.

“Right now, compared to a year ago, we’re playing better”, said Friend. “We’re still nowhere near where we want to be and still day-to-day looking for more consistency, but we’re better than we were a year ago.

Another year of development has certainly helped Tennessee’s offensive line, but it would be silly to think that Chaney hasn’t had a massive positive effect as well.

When it’s all said and done, hiring Chaney in January might be the most important move Jeremy Pruitt made in 2019.

Unless he makes a gutsy call to go for it on fourth down in a tight game against Florida, of course.

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