The biggest story on Saturday night for the Tennessee Vols was their disastrous 47-21 loss to the Florida Gators.

But a close second was linebacker Quart’e Sapp leaving the field in the middle of the game.

Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt said after the game that he asked Sapp to leave when the linebacker refused to go into the game.

Sapp addressed the incident on Sunday morning via his Twitter account and his version of events is a bit different than Pruitt’s.

Hopefully for the Vols, this is just a big misunderstanding, as Sapp alluded to in his tweet.

But it’s definitely concerning.

Pruitt will have lots of questions to answer on Monday at his weekly press conference.

Because trust me, there are plenty of un-answered questions that we need answers for. Who was the other party in the confrontation? Was it another player or a coach? Why did Pruitt think Sapp was refusing to go into the game?

I’m sure we’ll hear plenty more about this situation in the coming days.

Featured image via USA Today

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