There’s no one that knows what makes Tennessee Vols football tick more than Phillip Fulmer.

Under Fulmer’s guidance, Tennessee won two SEC championships, five SEC East division titles and the national championship in 1998. The Vols also won 10 games or more on nine different occasions.

I think it’s safe to say that Fulmer, now the athletic director at UT, knows what it takes to have success at the highest level at Tennessee.

That’s why Fulmer’s words on Monday at the Knoxville Quarterback Club should bring plenty of comfort to Vol fans.

I can say with certainty that we have us a heck of a football coach. Absolute certainty. Everything that Tennessee means to me and us, and everyone in this room, he knows his skill extremely well. We all understand that it takes time and it’s a process.

Fulmer added that Tennessee is “going through a cultural change”. He also mentioned the Vols are making progress, saying “we’re getting much, much closer than we were”. 

By the way, for the folks that were worried about Fulmer “meddling” in Pruitt’s business, the former UT head coach laid to rest any of those worries, telling the audience “I can’t coach. I can’t be over there and actually coaching. I don’t want to, that’s not my place to or anything”. 

It’s obvious that Fulmer is very confident in the direction of the program. If there are any fans that are still questioning Pruitt, I’d recommend they back off until further notice.

Trust the process. Be patient. It’s all going to work out.

Featured image via Saturday Down South
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