Tennessee Vols athletic director Phillip Fulmer made it clear, again, on Tuesday that UT athletes have been encouraged to return home during the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Fulmer also confirmed on Tuesday that Tennessee’s workout facilities have been closed.

So what does this mean for elite athletes who are hoping to stay in shape during the shutdown?

According to Fulmer, Tennessee is expecting players to continue workouts — just not in a group setting. And not at UT…or in any gym.

That pretty much just leaves “at home” options for athletes.

Fulmer also noted that coaches have been in constant communication with athletes.

There’s no precedent for this sort of thing. There’s no handbook. There are no advantages for any program. Everyone is winging it.

And everyone at Tennessee is simply doing the best they can right now, while trying to keep their student athletes, and anyone they might be exposed to, safe.

Featured image via Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

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